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Ready to transform your kitchen with a tile backsplash?

Installing or replacing a tile backsplash is one of the most affordable things you can do to improve the look and value of your kitchen.

We offer free estimates. Whether you have a design idea already or need help with your custom tile project, together we will help you create the tile backsplash that fits your kitchen perfectly!

We offer upfront pricing and free estimates. You can visit our photo gallery to find inspiration for your project.

Contact us today to transform your kitchen with the beauty of marble, ceramic tile, glass, or travertine.

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Our Two Day Process

Transforming your kitchen can happen in just two days!

We start by using card board, plastic, and heavy blankets to protect surfaces such as granite countertops. If there is an existing backsplash, demolition is required to remove the existing tile.

Most backsplashes are 20-30 sq ft and we install the tile in a single day. The following morning, after removing the tile spacers, we apply the grout.

There are three types of grout to choose from:
  •   • Epoxy
  •   • Sanded
  •   • Unsanded

We can help you make a grout decision based on the tile you select.

Demolition and Disposal
If there is an existing backsplash, demolition is required.

Backsplash Installation Process

Cement Board Installation
If needed we install 1/2" hardi backer cement board.

Backsplash Installation Process

Tile Installation & Grouting
We install the tile and prepare surrounding surfaces for grouting.

Backsplash Installation Process

Backsplash Installation Process

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backsplash installer example


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